Vladimir Malyugin

Владимир Малюгин

An actor, stuntman, director of stunt-based plastique


An actor, stuntman, director of stunt-based plastique, Malyugin graduated from Circus School in Saratov and until 1992 worked as a circus performer specializing in juggling and balancing acts. In 1998 he finished Theatre Department at Sobinov Conservatoire in Saratov with the degree of drama and film actor (under mentorship of People's artist of the USSR V.A. Yermakova).

Until 2001 Malyugin was an actor with Saratov Youth Theatre and in 2003 he became Ph.D. (Director and Pedagogue of Scenic Plastique) at GITIS Russian Theatre Academy. He taught stage movement at Theatre Department of Sobinov Conservatoire and at Moscow Institute of Humanitarian studies. In 2002 to 2013 Malyugin was a stage movement and fencing coach at GITIS.

Beginning 2004 he is actor and pedagogue at Et Cetera Theatre where he also appeared as an actor in "Emperor with No Clothes" (Heinrich); "Puss in Boots" (the title part); "King Lear" (Edmund); "The Tale about Rifleman Fedot" (Fedot) and many others.

As the director of stunt-based plastique Malyugin worked in the productions of "Puss in Boots" (Saratov Youth Theatre); "Diagnosis: Edit Piaf" (Moscow Moon Theatre); "Riki-Tikki-Tavi" (Vedogon Theatre in Zelenograd); "P.S." (Moscow Institute of Humanitarian Studies Drama Studio) and in a number of variety shows. He performed stunts in over fifty Russian movies and soap operas. Malyugin is the founder and artistic director of the studio "School of Dexterity".