Dmitry Shostakovich

The Golden Age

Золотой век

Composed by Shostakovich, and exclusive to the Bolshoi stage, The Golden Age shows the struggle in the name of love for a young girl. Yuri Grigorovich’s choreography is “gripping in it’s own right.” The ballet showcases a conflict between the nouveau riche and the working people in a fight for Rita’s heart. The ambiance of the roaring 20’s is emphasized with a jazzy score and beautiful tangos, brought to life by Ruslan Skvortsov (Boris), Mikhail Lobukhin (Yashka), Nina Kaptsova (Rita), and Ekaterina Krysanova (Lyuska), as well as other stars of the Bolshoi ballet.


English, french, russian


2 hours 7 minutes with one intermission

Act 1

53 min


17 min

Act 2

57 min




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